Terms of Service

Last Modified:07/26/2019

1. Your Move.

The moving process begins when you first pick a phone and say to yourself, “I think I need movers”. or When you first type the words, “Movers near me, local movers, long distance movers, last minute movers, same day movers, best movers, cheap movers near me, top rated movers,…” etc.

1.1 What we move.

At Youngstars we move anything that is within our abilities, and are always willing to go that extra mile to make the customer happy. However, we rely on our customers information during the booking session for us to make sure that we are fully prepared for your move. Failing to provide essential information will hinder an effective moving process, and sometimes even render us incompetent when the truth is we were misinformed about your move. Once you have booked a move with us, we will move anything that you need moved as long as it is within our abilities, and doesn’t go against our human rights.

1.2. Moving TVs

We recommend that all TVs be moved with either their original box or the right type of box that can be purchased through us, or other outside sources. TVs should be packed by our trained movers whether the Customer provides a TV box or we do. Please be advised that if you pack your TV by yourself and after your move it’s discovered that it was damaged we won’t be able to cover it since we can’t determine how or when the damaged occurred. Most flat screens have a special way that they should be handled when being put in the box or being taken out of the box to avoid damaging the screen and hence causing malfunction.

If the customer doesn’t provide a TV box our movers will still do their best to protect and move your TV at your own risk since in the event that it’s damaged, a claim will not be filled to our insurance. However, in the event that your TV is damaged, we will work with you for our limited liability coverage of $ 0.60 cents per pound per article, unless a prior written agreement was made between you,”…the customer”, and Youngstars Moving & Delivery. 

Thanks for considering Youngstars for your move. Just a few things to keep in mind.

1. All our services are a 2 hours minimum.

2. After the 2 hrs the customer is charged an hour rate depending on the services purchased, with the time being prorated every 30 minutes. 

– Deliveries include; Furniture, Appliances, Piano, and Furniture Disposal.

> Pianos have different pricing depending on the type of piano being moved. Pricing is predetermined at the time of hire depending on how far the piano is being moved.

       Base Pricing for Piano Moving under 30 miles.

3. Each time you book a service it will display either 2/3 hours. Please note those times are just but minimums and that you can have your crew for as long as you need them.

4. For cancellation, we require a 72 hrs notice and a 24 hours notice to reschedule. If you cancel your move in less than 72 hrs to the start time your refund will not be issued.

5. For booking, you can book an appointment up to 2 hours prior to your expected start time. (However we strongly advice that you call before booking on our website for same day bookings. 


  • Payment is to be made upon completing your move. Acceptable means of payment includes Cash app, Venmo, Zelle, Credit card, Paypal, and or Cash. If payment was not submitted onsite to the movers by either cash or credit card or other accepted forms of payment, the customer has 48 hours to complete payment. After the 48 hrs, and being notified by an email reminder without a positive response, we reserve the right to any actions that might help get payment for our services. This may include but not limited to referring to a collection agency for help.

  • If for any reason payment was not received within 48 hours of completing a move, this may be considered an act of refusing to submit payment and therefore, we have the right to legal actions; Plus any claims that may arise after the job is completed will not be processed; 1. Because no payment was received which is one way of acknowledging that the job was never done hence to damages never occurred. 2. Withholding payment is a sign of anticipating a claim, and when you don’t find one, some clients have resulted in making up none existing claims to justify their reasons for not wanting to pay for services rendered.

Damages / Claims

3.  The right procedure must be followed for any claims to be processed!

  • All damages and claims are required to be filled on the paperwork before the customer signs the paperwork. After reporting to the onsite crew, the customer is required to take a picture of the paperwork for their record and send a copy via email to getmovers@youngstarsmandd.com and “Damages” on the subject line. 

  • If damages were not recorded on site before the crew left, an investigation will be launched to understand what really happened, but an insurance claim won’t be filed since there is no way for us to determine whether the damages occurred  while our movers were handling your belongings, or while a customer was handling their own items.

  • After the movers have departed from customer’s location, chances are that the damaged did not occur in the moving process or while being handled by our crew. At this point chance favors the fact that the damages might have be caused during the unpacking process in the hands of the customer after our crew left the job site. By now we have no way to determine whether the claimed being raised was an outcome in the moving process or an afterwards outcome that has nothing to do with our moving process.​

  • In the event that any damages are reported after the job is done we will work with the customer  by examining any evidence provided to prove the nonexistence of damage prior to us moving and evidence to justify the presence of damage after the move and through statements from those involved! If there is any chance that damage might have occur in the moving process then we will go by the national carrier’s liability for loss or damage to any shipment which is $.60 per pound per article, unless we had a prior written agreement to a greater level of liability.

3.1. Electronics

We strongly advice that all electronics be disconnected by the customer before the movers arrive. In the even that, that never happened; Our movers will be more than happy to help you disconnect your electronics but Youngstars will not be responsible to any damages that may occur in the process. 

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

  ~Youngstars Team.

  Phone: (972)803-7186

  Email: getmovers@youngstarsmandd.com

  Website: www.youngstarsmandd.com